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Our Programs

Four Roots is centered on four programmatic arms:

Farm. Supporting local farmers and locally grown food is central to Four Roots’ mission. We buy directly from producers within a 400-mile radius of Spokane, with the vast majority of producers within a 100-mile radius. We provide a direct sales and marketing channel for their goods. In addition, we provide wrap-around business support to new and beginning farmers, ranchers, and producers, helping grow farmers for this and future generations. Beginning in 2023, Four Roots will launch both indoor and outdoor agricultural operations on our farm plot in Colbert, WA, 10 minutes north of Spokane.

Home. Four Roots is beginning to develop multi-use, sustainable living communities. Our communities tastefully harmonize eco-friendly, multi-family and “tiny home” housing with sustainable farming, walking trails, and communal outdoor spaces. Our commitment to housing doesn’t stop there: Four Roots is committed to changing the industry standard for employer-employee dynamics, starting with our own employees. Beginning November 2022, Four Roots offers  housing to our staff as a way to support their safety, comfort, and wellbeing while they face life transitions.

Market. Our retail food boxes sell local farm goods directly to the public. Additionally, we curate and distribute food boxes to food banks, hunger relief organizations, and nonprofits across the state through our grant and contract programs. Beyond our food boxes, we are launching a ‘farmer-centered’ public market in 2024, in collaboration with the Spokane Conservation District, and have plans to launch and expand to other retail and farmers markets in the near future.

Community. Four Roots partners with organizations across Eastern Washington to bring farm-grown food to tables across the region. We help raise funds for nonprofits, donate to community events, and are actively involved in improving the viability, sustainability, and connectivity of Spokane’s food system and economy. Four Roots partners with local recovery organizations to employ individuals who were formerly incarcerated, facing addiction, and/or homelessness. Offering training, housing, and employment, we surround our team members with community and a pathway to a bright, fulfilling future.



Current partners are:

Rural Resources - Colville, WA

FISH Food Bank - Ellensburg, W

Othello Food Bank - Othello, WA

Washtucna Food Bank - Washtucna, WA

Sprague Food Bank - Sprague, WA

Chelan Douglas Community Action Council - Chelan, WA

CSML - Moses Lake

Colville Tribal Food Distribution - Nespelem, WA

Kalispell Tribe of Indians - Cusick, WA

Second Harvest - Spokane, WA

Spokane Tride of Indians - Wellpinit, WA

St. Vincent De Paul - Pasco, WA

Blue Mountian Action Council - Walla Walla, WA

Reclaim - Spokane, WA

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