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8 Benefits of Local Produce Boxes

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

In our post-pandemic world, we've all gotten a little more used to the convenience of having pretty much everything you need either available for pick up or delivered to your front door. What started out as a necessity, in many ways, has now shifted into ways of supporting the businesses we trust most while also benefitting from having our products packaged up nicely and ready for us to just come scoop up.

One of the best amongst these services of convenience being local produce boxes. Not only will you be more likely to eat healthy if you order a weekly or monthly local produce box, but it's also a delicious way to eat right. When you fill your fridge with fresh vegetables and do not allow less healthful options to take over, you'll feel your best self.

In recent years, more than ever, it is very important to many people to eat fresh foods and a mostly healthy diet. The healthy lifestyle movement is simply that - a lifestyle - but if you're still not quite convinced to consider starting up with your local produce box subscription, then here are 8 awesome benefits to why you should.

1. Packaged for Convenient Pick Up

The best part about local produce boxes is that they're packaged up and ready for you to grab and go - on a schedule that suits your needs, as a convenient subscription box service. However, you have the flexibility to try out a single box at a time or can sign up for a regular subscription.

2. Local Farmers are Important to Support

Our local produce boxes contain a majority of items that are grown and produced in Eastern Washington and are aimed at fighting food insecurity and improving the resilience of the food system in the Pacific Northwest. This means that nothing is imported and that you are directly supporting the local economy and local farmers with the purchase of our fresh local produce boxes.

3. Surprise Yourself with Fresh Local Produce Boxes

You can't change your seasonal items in your box with Four Roots. This can be exciting as you don't always know what produce items you'll be eating for the week. This is especially good for those who don't really dislike anything or have food allergies, and can be a fun way of regularly getting a great variety of vegetables, rather than buying the same old stuff.

4. Try Something Different in Your Local Produce Box

You may be more likely to pass up on vegetables that you don't see in the local supermarkets and would probably never consider buying them. No matter how long you receive local produce boxes, there are so many opportunities to try new vegetables like tomatillos, pak choi, and swiss-chard.

5. Local Produce Boxes Means Less Packaging

The reduction in waste with local produce boxes is a huge bonus. Nearly all of the food ordered comes in cardboard boxes and the packaging is minimally plastic, and can most likely be recycled. If recycling and minimizing the amount of waste you produce is important to you and your family, local produce boxes are a great way to make an impact.

6. Fresh and Delicious Local Produce Boxes

If you want the freshest of fresh food, then local produce boxes are the way to do it. Locally-sourced means you receive a box that comprises fewer miles per food item than youll find in almost any grocery store. All the produce that comes from Four Roots is always fresh and delicious. It tastes great, looks good, and packs a nutrient-dense punch. For produce that was picked straight from the farm, and not stored in boxes or shelves for extended periods (even WEEKS in some cases!), choose our local produce boxes.

7. Save the Earth with Local Produce Boxes

Buying local produce boxes cuts down on the amount of mass production agriculture and the need for major transportation methods (like long-haul trucks) to bring over crates and crates of produce, which helps protects the environment. When you commit to local produce boxes, you support your local economy and help save the Earth in the process.

8. Encourage Wildlife

Local farming is a way to support and encourage wildlife. Farmers that offer local produce boxes are likely focused on preserving wildlife. Supporting local farming promotes biodiversity and wildflowers that are not commonly found on conventionally farmed or developed land. All of that to say, local produce boxes from local farming communities are a good option if you are concerned about animal welfare.

For more about local produce boxes from Four Roots, based out of Spokane, Washington, volunteer or donation opportunities to better support our targeted programming and education to strengthen the local food and economic systems of the Inland Northwest communities, click here.

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