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3 Great Ways Local Produce Can Benefit your Life

It's a fact that fruits and veggies are an essential part of your diet. However, it's important to specify the importance fresh as well as local produce - in short always shop fresh local produce. Although these may seem like minor differences, their benefits are not insignificant.

Here are 3 great reasons fresh, local produce is so important:

1. Local Produce is Good For Your Body: Local produce is more fresh because it doesn't need to travel as far to be consumed. Also, it can be picked when it is at its peak. The important nutrients in plants, such as Vitamins A, C, E, Calcium, Fiber, Potassium and Vitamins B, C and E, start to degrade once they are picked - hence why local produce is vital.

Also, local produce can be exposed to different temperatures and artificial lighting during transport, which can have an adverse effect on their nutritional value. Fresh, local produce is healthier than produce from other areas of the country, and therefore better for your body.

2. Fresh Local Produce is Good for the Environment: Local farmers often grow their food without pesticides or hormones. This ensures that the environment is clean and free from pollution. Local farms are important for the environment as they protect the land they occupy, which means they bring you fresh, local produce.

This is where many other species and plants live. The land could be sold to developers if the farms fail, which would eliminate the natural habitat that many species depend on. Supporting local farms through purchasing at farmers markets or buying regular subscription boxes of local produce means you're helping to keep local farming alive.

3. Buying Local Produce is Good for the Community: Fresh produce can also create jobs in your local community, which will boost the local economy. Farmers also need to sell their produce at farmer's markets and through services like local produce subscription boxes. This helps to support local businesses.

Farmers often donate some of their produce directly to food banks or other organizations that feed the hungry. As a part of core programs, farms like Four Roots provide hope for the communities that they serve by providing the right foods to their local communities, as well as volunteer opportunities, and further education.

Community farms and local farmers depend on you buying fresh, local produce (to put it bluntly) locally. What's more, the success of local farmers don't just depend on you buying local produce, but they are also dependent on volunteers and donations.

Four Roots was established to fight food insecurity and improve the resilience of the food system in the Pacific Northwest. We are based out of Spokane, Washington, and provide targeted programming and education that seeks to strengthen the local food, local produce, and economic systems of Inland Northwest communities.

To get involved with our cause, click here for more information.

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